• Crypto regulation in Phuket Thailand
Crypto Regulations in Phuket (2023)

Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become a popular payment method. Also, this has become a frequently asked question at our law firm, especially when foreign investors want to buy real estate in Phuket. This article gives [...]

  • THAIFEX Anuga Asia 2023 and Governing Law
THAIFEX–Anuga Asia 2023 | Governing Law

THAIFEX–Anuga Asia 2023, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand, from 23-27 May 2023. The exhibition is organized by the Department of International Trade Promotion Ministry of Commerce, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Koelnmesse, aimed at [...]

  • Thai Company Law, Thai corporate law
Thai Company Law Amendment 2023

This article gives you 12 key points of the last amendment to Thailand’s Civil and Commercial Code No. 23 (CCC)1 which came into force on February 7, 2023. It is very helpful for both [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Latest Measure to Bangkok Motorists - June 2022
Latest Measure to Traffic fines June 2022

Vehicle drivers or vehicle owners know that when they have to renew their road tax, if any fine remains unpaid, they will have to clear it before getting their new road tax document. Now [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Advantages of BOI Promotion
Advantages of BOI Promotion

This article gives you basic information about the advantages of the BOI (Thailand Board of Investment) promotion, which offers foreign investors incentives to start or expand their businesses in Thailand. The incentives are based on [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com International trade and validity of the contract
International Trade and Validity of the Contract

International trade and validity of the contract; We provide you the General principles applicable according to the “Lex Mercatoria”. This article makes it clear that all grounds for invalidity which illustrate in the various [...]

  • 2022 Cannabis Law Put The Commercial Value Up
2022 Cannabis Law Put The Commercial Value Up

In Thailand, cannabis is called ‘Ganja’," and hemp is called 'Ganchong'. On June 9, 2022, Thai law raises the possibilities for commerce with cannabis and hemp, which are gaining more commercial value. Ganja Law [...]

  • Thai PDPA
PDPA law in Thailand

Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (PDPA) was enacted in the Government Gazette on 27 May 2019, part of the act came into force the day after, but, some not such as Chapters 2, [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Thai Company management
9 Rules of Thai Company Director

Last updated [CCC. No. 23 effective on 07th February 2023]. Under Thai law, a company is a business association that is formed by two or more natural people called 'promoters'. A company has the [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Contract Remedies in Thailand Law
Contract Remedies | Thai Law

Where there is a breach of contract, the non-breaching party or the injured party will often seek remedies, whether under the contract or the law. This article gives you a brief overview of contract [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Contract of Sale in Thailand
Contract of Sale in Phuket

The ‘Contract of Sale’ or "Sale and Purchase Contract". Under Thai law, this contract only relates to the transfer to another person of the ownership of property1. It differs from the "sale of goods" in [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Criminal Liability of the Child | Criminal Amendment Act 2022 of Thailand
Criminal Liability of the Child 2022

Criminal Liability of the Child, the Thailand Criminal Code No.29 B.E. 2565 (2022) amendment aims to be in line with the General Comment No. 10 (2007) Children’s Rights in juvenile justice of the Convention [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Lazada’s future in Thailand.
Lazada future in Thailand

Lese-Majesty crime is a serious offence in Thailand, even if wind of more “liberty” or “democracy” appears everywhere on the globe. The World famous Lazada company is in the eye of the cyclone since [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com E-commerce, the relevant legal basic which the E-commerce business owner should understand In addition to the general law
e-Commerce Legal Basic in Phuket

Businesses and commerce are rapidly transforming into social networking on the internet. E-commerce becomes increasingly globalised. There are a variety of elements to take into account when transforming, such as SEO, analytics, payment processing, website [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com employment legal basic
Employment Legal Basic in Thailand

This article give you Thailand employment law basic, the employment relationship between employers and employees. In Thailand, certain laws have been enacted regulating the areas of age, sex, discrimination race relations, disability, health and [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Theft and Misappropriation
Difference Between Theft and Misappropriation

This article gives you the key differences between theft and misappropriation which people often confuse and sometimes such confusion creates wrong action when exercising the rights as an injured person especially deadline to start [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com International trade law - international trade disputes
International Trade Litigation

International Trade Litigation In Thailand The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 (CISG, or the Vienna Sales Convention 1980) one of the Model laws of international trade was [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Copyright law of Thailand Notice and Takedown Thai Copyright- 2022 Amendment Review for ISP1/4 Copyright lawyer
Spirit of Copyright Law | 2022 EP.1/4

The amendment of Copyright Law of Thailand No. 5 B.E. 2565 (2022) which published in the Government Gazette on February 24, 2022 and will become effective on August 23, 2022 is the core action [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Thai Notice and Takedown Copyright- 2022 Amendment Review copyright protection thailand
Copyright Protection | 2022 EP.2/4

The copyright protection automatically and fully effect on the law at the time the author has created a copyright work, the law doesn't not require the author to register his/her copyright with any government [...]

  • Thai Company Law, Thai corporate law
Copyright Infringement | 2022 EP.3/4

This is the EP.3 of the series 'The Copyright Infringement'Originally, there are 2 main categories of infringement, profit infringement and non-profit infringement. Now, according to the Section 43/4 of the 2022 amendment, we can [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Thailand Copyright - 2022 amendment review Notice and Takedown
Notice and Takedown | Copy Right 2022 EP.3/4

This article is the final episode ( EP.4 ) of the Copyright Act 2022 Amendment series 'The Notice and Takedown, safe harbor. Upon digitalization, copyright can be infringed fast and efficiently. The modernization of law [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Arbitration lawyers in Thailand provide full services to Thailand Arbitration - Arbitral - Arbitration lawyer
Arbitration in Thailand

This article introduces you to basic information about Thailand arbitration, which includes an overview, jurisdiction, governing law, languages and documents, and arbitration representative. This dispute resolution is often used to resolve commercial disputes, particularly [...]

  • law firm, lawyer, attorney, law office, Phuket
BOI Promotion On Tourism Industry

Phuket is a magnet for tourism. With many attractions, the tourism industry in Phuket is always hot, and BOI's (Thailand's Board of Investment) promotion of tourism businesses is always mutually beneficial to investments. This [...]

  • Thai Company Law 2023
Enforcing Court Awards In Thailand

Where a court judgment has not been complied by the parties who lost the case 'the losing party'. It is the time for 'the winning party' to enforce the awards. This article gives you [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com How does mortgage work in Thailand? Thai law contract
Mortgage in Thai Law

This article provides you with essential information about mortgages, which are one type of collateral or security for debt repayment, whether it is land, a house, a condominium, a factory, a warehouse, or other buildings.On [...]

  • Can You Grow Cannabis at Home?
Can You Grow Cannabis at Home?

See Latest up-to-date Cannabis Law 2022 Since January 2021, many shops in Thailand provide foods and beverages with the mention of cannabis taste. So some people think that Cannabis is legal in Thailand, consumption [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Difference of Superficies and Usufruct in Thai Law
Superficies and Usufruct in Thailand

What is the difference between Superficies and Usufruct? This is one of the most frequently asked questions for the real estate investor. This article is going to give you the main differences in the rights [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Law office of Ake & Associates Divorce by Mutual Consent in Thai Law
Divorce by Mutual Consent in Phuket

Thailand law Divorce. In Thailand Phuket, under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCC), divorce may be made by mutual consent or by grounds for divorce which includes the fault or no-fault . [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Automatic Exchange of Info (AEOI)
Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) 2022

From January 1, 2022, Thai financial institutions will be required to collect and share financial account and tax information with the Thai Revenue Department in order to comply with the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Usufruct in Thai Law
Rights of Usufruct in Thailand

Usufruct is one of the real rights under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCC). In this article, we are going to give you essential information about it, including its meaning, period of time, [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Management of the Property of the Minor
Thailand law – Child’s Property Management

Child's property management is one of the most frequently asked questions. This article we’re going to give you basic information about this matter. It is good for a parent to understand this matter of [...]

  • Registration Fee Reduction
Land & Condo Registration Fee Reduction 2022

This article brings you news about the land and condo registration fees. Following successful reform in the past, on January 18, 2022, the Government Gazette website published the Ministry of Interior's announcement on the collection [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Sale With the Right of Redemption Thai law contract
Sale With the Right of Redemption in Thailand

In this article, we’re going to give you essential information about sales with the right of redemption under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCC) and the protection of people in sales with the [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Introduction to International trade and business law.
Introduce to International Trade and Business Law

Introduce international trade and business law It is the branch of law that proposes to study standards and international commercial regulations. Globally, there is a huge amount of trade across different geographical areas, often [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Habitation in Thai Law golawphuket.com
Rights of Habitation in Thailand

In this article, we are going to give you essential information about habitation in Thailand under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCC). This right is an optional personal real right to have the [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Duties of Estate administrator - Duties of Inheritance administrator
Inheritance Administrator Duties in Thailand

This article gives you essential information about duties of an inheritance administrator or estate administrator under the law of Thailand (Civil and Commercial Code, the ‘CCC’). It isn’t only guides you what to do [...]

Spouse Maintenance in Thailand Family Law

Princess Haya: The princess, the sheikh and the £550m divorce settlement, It's described as the biggest divorce case in British legal history - involving the billionaire ruler of Dubai and his estranged wife, reported [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Corruption in Thailand?
Corruption in Phuket Thailand

The question is not if corruption exists in Thailand or not, because of course as every country in the world the answer is yes. The annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) published this year by [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Rescission of Contract
Rescission of Contract in Thai Law

After a contract has been made, it may be terminated. In some cases, after the termination, there will be no legal obligation between the parties, but in other cases, the parties must return to where [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com
When Foreigner’s Death in Phuket

After an accident or due to illness, a foreigner may unfortunately die in a hospital. When Foreigner’s death in Phuket? What to do after this tragic event? Who shall be contacted and what are [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Superficies in Thai Law
Rights of Superficies in Thailand

As you may well know, foreigners aren’t allowed to have ownership rights over land. But that doesn't include the house and buildings built upon or under the land! In this article, we’re going to [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Contract Validations
Yellow Book! How You Can Have One?

Yellow Book Definition The yellow book is one type of household registration book or the so-called "Tabien Baan". It's issued by the district office or the local municipality and shows those who live in and [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Security Agreements Under Thai Law
Security Agreements in Thai Law

As we saw previously, notably with a loan money agreement, the creditor, in order to protect his loan, must include security in the agreement. In Thailand, the Civil and Commercial Code provides these securities. Some [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Loan Money Agreement
Loan Money Agreement in Thailand Law

Money is the nerve of the dream, and sometimes we need to borrow money from others. In this article, we’re going to talk about loan money agreements and relevant legal matters. It is useful for [...]

  • option for buy land, buy property, buy real estate in Phuket
Option for Buying Land in Phuket

Option for Buying Land or Property in Phuket When buying a property, finding and doing due diligence on the property, signing the contract, and transferring ownership of the asset, which way to go when [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Update Article of Construction Matters
Update Article of Construction Legal Matters

As law and its application are matters that are sometimes difficult to understand, we have made some changes to facilitate their understanding. We are pleased to provide the updated articles about construction concerning the common [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Earnest or Deposit Payment in Thai Law
Earnest or Deposit Payment in Thai Law

This article gives you information about earnest or deposit payments in Thai law, together with relevant laws and Supreme Court judgements for reference. It is easy to read and useful when you make sales and [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com trial lawyers, litigation lawyers Phuket Thailand
Litigation Guide in Thai Courts

Litigation Gude: Applicable to civil commercial and criminal cases. This article is a pre-litigation guide, it is not only useful for Phuket court trials but also useful for a trial of all Courts in [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Marriage Married Phuket
Guide to Marriage in Phuket, Thailand

Marriage in Phuket, Thailand: Thai and foreigner or both future foreigners spouses, you can get married in Phuket, Thailand. We are going to provide you with some Legal advice to follow rules and regulations [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Easement or Servitude in Thai Law
Easement Rights (servitude) Thailand Law

Easement in Thailand is called servitude rights. It is often involved when buying land, whether in Phuket or somewhere else in Thailand. Understanding servitude is useful when buying land. Whether leasehold or freehold land This [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Filing Criminal Case by Injured Person
Guide to Criminal Prosecution in Thailand

Under Criminal Procedure Code B.E. 2499 (CPC), Section 28. The criminal prosecution may be made by a Public Prosecutor or an Injured person. This article aims to give you essential for filing case of [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Thailand's VAT on Non-Resident Electronic Service Providers
Thailand’s VAT Non-Resident | The Revenue Code No.53

The amendment Act No. 53 (2021) of the Revenue Code has effects on non-resident electronic services; the details are below: 1: What Does Electronic Service Mean?Electronic service refers to services, including incorporeal property, that are [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Thai Company Registration
Guide to set up a Thai Company

Last updated [CCC. No. 23 effective on 07th February 2023]. If you are a business startup or want to expand your business, this article gives you essential information that is very useful for setting up [...]

  • different between leasehold and freehold thailand law
Leasehold and Freehold Rights in Phuket

Leasehold and Freehold Rights in Phuket This article gives you a clear picture of the difference between leasehold and freehold in Phuket, Thailand. What are the differences between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages? [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com law office in Phuket, Law Firm in Phuket
Court Order for a Succession Case in Thailand

Court order for Succession - Inheritance - Probate Case in Phuket Thailand - Thailand succession law may be different with the law of your country. The law differs from country to country, in some countries [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Step by Step to Make Last Will and Testament in Phuket Thailand
Making Last Will and Testament in Thailand

Having assets in Phuket, Thailand involves thinking about devolution when death comes. Above all, a Last will and testament made in Phuket and the whole Thailand, concerning your assets in Thailand. Will facilitate the [...]

  • Villa due diligence, land, house, condo, phuket
Land and Building Due Diligence

10 Key points to verify when Land and building due diligence Purchasing property in Phuket is popular with foreigners, whether a land, villa, house, or condominium. In most cases, the purpose of the purchase [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Contract Thai Law Thailand law contract
Step by Step Make a Contract Under Thai Law

This article makes the law easier; it guides you through all the essential information you need to know about contract law when making one. Also gives you an idea of what to think about when [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Way of Necessity in Phuket Thailand
Way of Necessity In Thailand

When the right of way is blocked. The way of necessity is worked. This article is going to cover the way of life in Phuket and the rest of Thailand. Basic Law of Way in [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com How Inheritance Tax works in Thailand
How Inheritance Tax works in Thailand

In this article, we’re going to equip you with a short and easy explanation regarding how Inheritance Tax works in Thailand. Who is a taxpayer, tax rate, when to pay and penalty. Firstly, in [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Construction Defect List in Phuket Thailand
Construction Defective Claims

The construction defect list is one of the most important pieces of evidence in construction defect claims. It is one of the keys to the success of the claim both in court and in arbitration. [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Extra Work Claims in Construction
Extra Work Claims in Construction

This article gives you a wide picture of the common mistakes in extra work claims in construction. As you may know, the extra work is not a dispute in itself. But it is a [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Construction Delay Claims in Phuket, Thailand
Construction Delay Claims

This article is about construction delay claims. One of the common mistakes of the owner that can cause great damage to the owner When there is a delay in the construction and some owners make [...]

  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement Phuket Thailand
Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement

PRENUPTIAL AND POSTNUPTIAL AGREEMENTS IN PHUKET One of the classic dispute stories between spouses is ‘Property Dispute.’ To avoid this kind of dispute, if you are in Phuket or somewhere else in Thailand. It [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com how to have full control of 51% Thai shareholders and Company
Control of a Thai LLC

How to have complete control over Thai shareholders and L.L.C.? Last updated; Civil and Commercial Code (CCC) No. 23 effective on 07th February 2023; Thai L.L.C. is the favorite legal structure for foreign investors for [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Building and Land Tax Phuket
Building and Land Tax in Phuket

The Building and Land Tax Act B.E. 2562 came into effect on January 1, 2020, in lieu of the House and Building Tax Act B.E. 2475 and the Local Development Tax Act B.E. 2508 to [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com Thai Law Property Due Diligence in Phuket. Essential knowledge regarding the Land and Building Due Diligence
How Property Due Diligence Works in Phuket?

How Property Due Diligence Works in Phuket? First of all, in this article, property due diligence means all types of immovable property. Such as land, houses, condominiums, and other commercial buildings, both developed and [...]

  • www.golawphuket.com How Inheritance Rights works in Thailand?
Inheritance Rights in Thailand

This article 'Inheritance rights Thailand' gives you information about how inheritance rights work in Thai law. to plan the settlement of your estate to assure that the legacy goes to the people we love [...]