As Law and its application are matters which are difficult sometimes to understand, we have made some changes to facilitate their understanding.  We are pleased to provide the update articles about Construction concerning the common mistake of extra works construction, the construction delay claims and how the construction defects list works in Phuket, Thailand.

So below you will find a summary of the Articles but click on the link for the details.

1-Common Mistake of Extra Work Claims in Construction

This article gives you a wide picture of Common Mistakes of Extra Work Claims in Construction. As you may know that the Extra work is not the dispute in itself. But, it is a ground of argument and disputes which are the same as the original Construction Contract. Possible Arguments and Disputes will be 3 issues as same as the original Construction Contract and nature of construction work as below;
1-The owner claims for the delay penalty and damages.
2.-The owner claims for the defects and damages.
3- The contractor claims for the extra costs and damages.

So to understand clearly we answer to the points as follow:

-What Does Extra Work Mean?
-Common Mistake
-Recommendation to Prevent the Mistake
-Without a Clear Amendment Agreement of Extra Work!

2- Construction Delay Claims in Phuket Thailand

This article is about construction delay claims. One of the common mistakes of the owner which can create great damage to the owner. When there is a delay in the construction, some owners make the payment or accept the work without reserving the rights of claim then the common mistake is arising. You shall know the points after to prevent it:

-Strong Provision About Construction Delay Claims is not Enough!
-Reservation of Claim is Important for Construction Delay Claims!
-How to Reservation the Rights of Delay Claims?
-What happens if the Owner did not Provide Strong Evidence as Mentioned?
-What to do If the Owner Wants to Terminate the Contract when Construction Delays?
-Limitation of Delay Claims!

3-How Construction Defect List Works in Phuket Thailand

Construction Defect List is one of the most important pieces of evidence in construction Defect claims. It is one of the keys to the success of the Claim both in Court and in Arbitration. This article is going to the defect list, one of the common mistakes in construction lawsuits including the essential points:

-How Does This Article Help You?
-Easy Definition of Defect List
-How Most People Prepare Their Defect List?
-Recommendation to Prepare the Defect List
-Limitations of defect claim

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