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Sale With the Right of Redemption in Thailand

This article we’re going to give you essential information about sale with the right of redemption under Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCC) and Protection of people in sale with the right of redemption of land for Agriculture or Housing Act B.E. 2562 (PAHA). This type of contract is always used as a loan [...]

By |2022-05-15T14:43:17+07:00February 2, 2022|Business and Commercial Law|

INCOTERMS Maritime 2010 and 2020 | How to set the Price of Goods?

The INCOTERMS 2010 highlight the notion of the selling price of goods at the international level. How do you set this price? What are the charges taken into account in the sale price? Who is responsible for the goods along the way? Precisely, the INCOTERMS 2010 and 2020 respond to these concerns. Unfortunately, these [...]

Introduce to International Trade and Business Law

It is the branch of law that proposes to study standards, international commercial regulations. Globally, there is a huge amount of trade across different geographical areas, often with different practices. It is a question of seeing if there is a harmonization and how this harmonization takes place International trade law is essentially based on [...]

Security Agreements in Thai Law

As we saw previously, notably with a loan money agreement, the creditor in order to protect his loan shall include a security into the agreement. In Thailand, the Civil and Commercial Code provides these securities. Some are attached to the person, some to the goods, movable or immovable, material or immaterial. There are 3 [...]

By |2022-05-15T15:53:27+07:00November 3, 2021|Business and Commercial Law|

Loan Money Agreement in Thailand Law

Money is the nerve of the dream, and sometimes we need to borrow money from others. This article we’re going to talk about Loan Money Agreement and relevant legal matters. It is useful for both lender and borrower. However, this article doesn't include loan Security Agreements which we’re going to talk about in the [...]

By |2022-05-15T15:55:34+07:00October 27, 2021|Business and Commercial Law|

Update Article of Construction Legal Matters

As Law and its application are matters which are difficult sometimes to understand, we have made some changes to facilitate their understanding.  We are pleased to provide the update articles about Construction concerning the common mistake of extra works construction, the construction delay claims and how the construction defects list works in Phuket, Thailand. [...]

By |2022-05-24T23:44:58+07:00October 6, 2021|Business and Commercial Law, Construction law|

Earnest or Deposit Payment in Thai Law

This article gives you information about Earnest or Deposit Payment in Thai law together with relevant law and supreme court judgement for reference. It is easy to read and useful when you making sale and purchase contract of goods. What Does Earnest Mean? There is no law defining what it means. But when summing [...]

By |2022-05-15T14:24:16+07:00September 29, 2021|Business and Commercial Law|
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