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20 Years Experience

Our Law firm in Phuket was founded in 2010 by Akenarin ‘AKE’ Thongplod, who has been a license attorney since 2001. On top of that he was a Top 20 of Common Member of Thai Barrister at Law in 2001. We serve a wide range of clients from all over the world both Thai and International corporations and private Individuals.

Strong Reputation and Strong Attitude

Our law firm has a strong reputation and strong attitude. We’re not only to provide the best protection to the client’s benefits. But also to provide the best solution to the client’s problems.With this intention, we always practice our legal knowledge and experience. All things considered to give our clients the best legal protection and the best results possible.  

Perfect Teamwork for Both Litigation and Legal Representation

In light of the Thai and Western team which closely work together. Our law firm has a better understanding of the legal issue and the adequate legal solution to all international clients. 

Our Attorneys and Lawyers have experience and extensive collective knowledge of both Litigation and Legal Representation in Phuket, Thailand. We focus on Civil and Commercial Legal Dispute both the interest of enforcing and defending a legal right. As well as conduct Criminal Lawsuit and Criminal Defense. Together with wide range of legal representation in our Practice Areas. Personalized legal service by Thai Attorneys who speak English and French Lawyers. 

Word Wide Associations

Our law firm in Phuket is not only members of the Thai Lawyers Council and Thai Barrister Association (2001). But also members of the International Law Office and International Bar Association (2010).

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