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Our Attorneys and Lawyers in Phuket

Our attorneys and lawyers in Phuket are experienced and skilled in both Litigations and legal representations in Phuket, All clients would expect of an international law firm standard. We always practice our legal knowledge and experience. All things considered to give our clients the best solutions and the best results possible. Above all, in light of the Thai and Western lawyers team which closely work together in our Practice Areas. We have a better understanding of the legal issue and the adequate legal solution to all international clients. 

Akenarin Thongplod
Akenarin ThongplodFounder
Thai Barrister at Law, Attorney at Law and Notarial Services Attorney
Frédéric Rétif
Frédéric RétifSenior Partner
Master in Business law, French Lawyer and Thai Legal advisor.
Nuansnit Chuntawong
Nuansnit Chuntawong Senior Partners.
Master of Laws, Attorney at Law, Notarial Services Attorney.
Onwara Anakthumpinit
Onwara Anakthumpinit Associate.
Bachelor of laws, Attorney at Law.
Sujitra Chantawong
Sujitra Chantawong Associate.
Bachelor of laws, Attorney at Law and Notarial Services Attorney.