Our law firm’s commitment is to give our clients the clients professional, prompt, and cost-effective services with empathy and integrity. Importantly, we have a very efficient service mindset and positive thinking to create appropriate legal solution for the need of international clients.


Thailand’s legal issues?

In light of Thai and Western lawyer teams, our law firm has a better understanding of the legal issues in response to provide Thailand legal services and solutions to international clients.

Ensuring that your transaction will be smoothed and secured. We provide a full range of real estate legal services from the beginning to closing.

Whether you are a business startup or expanding your business into Phuket. Legal Insight, business Instinct. Legal support to achieve goals.

We ensure you know your customer or a contracting party and fully understand a person or business before a deal in Phuket.

Highly skilled professional, leading litigation teams by 22 years of experience Thai bar who works closely with experienced Thai attorneys teams.

One stop service for CEO

Whether a business startup or a business expansion, our business lawyers help you get things done. With us, you will get professional, fair, conscientious legal advice with empathy and integrity.

A full range of corporate services includes Thai corporate formation, secretarial, dissolution services, and dispute resolution over Thai LLC.

Contact validations expertise and specialize at all businesses contracts. Ensuring that all terms and conditions set forth are legally enforceable.

We help our client to get BOI certificates for taxes exceptions and other benefits under the promotions of the Board of Investment of Thailand.

Do not fire an employee without consulting an employment lawyer. Hiring a lawyer immediately can save time and money on both legal fees and damages.

We believe that effective legal services require not only a comprehensive knowledge of law but also a thorough understanding of the clients problems.

We help e-commerce goes smooth, be fully complied with e-Commerce Legal Basic such as e-Commerce License, notice and takedown.

Frederic, a French lawyer who is LLM qualified business lawyer with 22 years of experience excel in representing various INTL trade transactions.

Legal services in IP infringement include legal advice, dispute resolutions and litigation over IP infringement (copyright, trademark and patent).

Private client practice

We represent our private individuals both Thais and foreigners on various legal matters. Our firm is much admired for the depth and breadth of its private client practice for a long time.

Our family lawyers not only professional legal services but also the one on your side with your interests at heart. All family problems we can help.

Importantly, ensuring that the legacy goes to the people you love most. All succession legal problems, we can help, last will and testament.

We help clients who have been injured through an accident or negligence. Claims can be filed against people, companies, or government entities.

It is true that we are always fighting for fairness. Out attorneys are representative of the clients at all levels of Court in the whole Thailand.

Thailand legal services

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