business license services, PhuketBusiness licenses services

Operation of business in Phuket may require a license or permit. Some may need a general license, but some businesses require a special one. We help clients with new requests and extensions, both general and special ones, including BOI certificates, Thai LLC formation and secretarial, risk management, intellectual property registration and contract validation.

Which Business license do you need?

It depends on the business category, which is based on the rules and regulations of the business house. Some businesses regulated activities requiring specific permission. Excludes the BOI, below are the most forms of business licenses often seen in Phuket;

Alcohol license
Cannabis License
Construction license
E-commerce license
Factory license
Food and Beverage license
Hotel license
Marina license
Massage and Spa
Publishing license
Restaurant and bar
School license
TAT tourism

How long does it take?

Some licenses, such as Restaurants and bars, can apply to a local government agency. But some, such as FDA, must apply to the ministry’s office. And some may review and approve by multiple government agencies, such as the Marina license. Some requests take a few days to complete, such as an e-commerce or cannabis license. Some may take months, such as TAT tourism.

Notably, after you have a license, you must follow the rules and regulations to keep it active. You may contact us to describe your business activity. We can provide a quick guideline for a business you need. For further information, you may visit our business page.