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Our lawyers are experts and highly skilled professionals validating contracts to comply with the law, both Thailand and international law. We help clients to form a contract from the first point of negotiation until the final moment of signing. Ensuring that all terms and provisions set forth will comply with the conditions of validity and are legally enforceable.

What is contract law?

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties where each assumes a legal obligation that must be completed. Contract law deals with promises, which create rights and obligations. Drawing a contract requires agreeing on essential terms, damages or specific performance, warranties, and assignment, and force majeure also needs to be valid under the law and prevent common mistakes.

Moreover, on this day, the formation process often deals with electronic data and electronic translations, especially when negotiations take place through social media. We ensure all terms and conditions, all rights, duties, and obligations comply with all relevant laws and are legally enforceable under both the direction of Thailand and international law.

Can you download a contract on the Internet?

In everyday life, you make a contract, mostly a sale and purchase contract e.g. when you buy food or things you like. So, it is true that some agreements are easy to draw up or download online. However, for an important transaction, you need help from an expert to verify the in-depth details case by case to ensure that all terms and conventions are legally binding.

Why do you need an expert for a contract?

Therefore, contract validations by an expert are required. All terms and conditions of the contracts are legally enforceable as long as they are not prohibited by law, impossible to perform, or contrary to public order or good morals.

Contract services we can provide

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