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When it is time to fight we fight to win

Criminals should be punished and the innocence must be clear to everyone. We provide a full range of penal law, prosecution, and defense. Also join the prosecution with the public prosecutor.

Services we can provide

• Criminal Defense
• Conduct the case for both personal offenses and public order offenses.
• Co-prosecution with public prosecutor both personal offenses and public order offenses.
• Criminal Record/Criminal Clearance Certificate for Expats.

Be noted, we DO NOT provide defense lawyer to drug AGENTS!

Criminal Defense

Although, in criminal cases, most of the burden of proof is on the prosecutor’s side for both the questions of fact and the intention of commission of the offense, And the standard of proof is the offense, which must be unambiguous without a reasonable doubt. But when the evidence is unambiguous and not easy to defend, pleading guilty may be best for the outcome. However, if you are innocent, you should not have any criminal liability or be punished for things you have not done; your innocence must be clear to everyone.

In contrast, in some countries, criminal lawyers may not represent the client for prosecution in criminal offenses because the cases may be initiated only by the federal or state government. But in Thailand, criminal cases may be initiated by an injured person (victim) and are not subject to the police investigation or the consent or approval of a public prosecutor. So you can file the case with the court directly.

Moreover, where the public prosecutor conducts the case for public benefit, the Thai law allows an injured person to join the prosecution with the public prosecutor. Keep in mind that most of this action is not only to support the police investigation and/or the public prosecutors questions of face and evidence but also to ensure that all investigations and hearings will be well conducted without corruption!

Pre-litigation guide for Phuket court

This pre-litigation guide is not only useful for Phuket court trials but also for trials in all courts in Thailand. Whether on the enforcement side or the defending side. It provides basic information through five simple steps, which the disputing parties should have well understood before a lawsuit is filed.

This guide is also applicable to all civil, commercial, and criminal cases. And also an arbitration trial. Even though there are a number of differences between those trials, they do not have a real effect on the outcome. That is because the fundamental principles of those trials are mostly the same: “give unambiguous proof without a doubt to everyone”. Read more