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The family conflict creates a vulnerable place and likely raises a lot of concerns and questions. Our lawyers are professionals and experienced in family legal issues. We help your family matters go away whether marriage, divorce, property or custody.

Services we can provide

• Documentation for marriage, partner agreement and same sex agreement.
Prenuptial and postnuptial agreement.
Divorce by mutual consent.
• Divorce by fault and marital tort claims in divorce.
Spouse maintenance agreement and dispute over spouse maintenance.
Child custody both by default or mutual consent.
• Prepare the interview with the Child Protection Department.
• Consent letter for children travelling abroad.


Our lawyers and attorneys are aware of the family issues; the conflict creates a vulnerable place and likely raises many concerns and questions. We provide professional legal advice and are also on your side with your interests at heart.

Divorces in Thailand are mostly the same as in Western countries. Husband and wife may divorce by mutual consent, decide everything relevant e.g., set forth terms and conditions about property and custody, and get a happy ending and peaceful solution without a court trial. 

Even the best divorce solution is always a settlement, but sometimes it seems impossible, and judgment after litigation is needed. Our family lawyers give you professional and compassionate advice on your family’s legal issues to make all your problems go away.

Child custody

Above all, the happiness and welfare of the child are very important to us. We will work together to give your children the best. To understand how the Thai Family Court determines custody power. You may read the article How Child Custody (Parental Power) Works in Phuket Thailand. It is mostly the same principles as the Children Act 1989 of England. 

For child custody, you need to go through the interview by the Child Protection Department for the custodian. We can guide you to have the perfect results.

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