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There are several real estate law and facts to understand when buying a property in another country. In Phuket, all freehold and leasehold are subject to register their transaction with the competent land office and pay taxes and fees. Above all, for risk management property due diligence would be needed before sale and purchase agreement.

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In addition, you must understand how inheritance rights work in Thailand to make sure your legacy goes to the people you love most.

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Best real estate developers should determine customer protection in the long term, such as how to protect their customer in the worst-case scenario like a developer’s bankruptcy case in case of leasehold which the asset of the developer shall be under the control of the bankruptcy officer and court and in such a case the second 30 years lease would be impossible for renewal. Also, the rights of use of common property in the long term, for instance.

Our real estate lawyers provide the best legal structure to protect the project and prevent all legal problems and disputes between the developer and state agencies or their customers. That is for peace and the long run in the Phuket real estate industry.

We support real estate developers from the first step until the final, e.g., project planning, due diligence, subdividing land parcels, forming a package of sale agreements, and dealing with other professionals and government agencies at all stages and levels.