Succession lawyer, inheritance, lawyer, PhuketEnsuring that your legacy goes to the people you love most

Succession and Inheritance in Thailand may differ from your home country. It is important to plan the settlement of your estate to ensure that the legacy goes to the people you love most. It is especially if the property is involved, it is so important to make a last will and testament.

Succession legal services we can provide

• Estate planning and inheritance tax planing.
• Last will and testament.
• Court order for succession.
• Administrator of estate.
Dispute resolutions and litigation over estate disputes both between inheritors or inheritor and third party.

Inheritance rights in Thailand

It is important to plan the settlement of your estate to assure that the legacy goes to the people we love most. This is especially important if there is property involved, as there are many foreigners who choose to live in Thailand. It is also important to make a last will in Thailand, as the legal requirements in every country are different. It is more practical and easier to enforce. We give you information about how inheritance and succession rights work in Thai law. Why don’t we plan for them?

If your last will is drafted by an experienced succession lawyer here in Thailand, you can be assured that there will be no problems with your legacy. We are qualified and experienced lawyers for your estate planning. In addition, you may need to pay inheritance tax.We can help.

Succession case in Thailand (Thai Probate)

Importantly, realize that in some countries, an inheritance or probate case may be made by an administration officer. But in Thailand, we need a court order for a succession case which you need a lawyer to represent. Both the succession with and without a last will and testament need some process; you need to know who has the right to request this order and how. Moreover, inheritance rights and inheritance tax in Phuket may also be different.

Administrator of estate

We assist you in complying with all your duties as the administrator of an estate. After the court appointed you as an administrator of an estate, the administrator of an estate has responsibilities, duties and rights under court order. That is from the first day until the partition of the estate is completed. There will be a lot of work on the partition of the estate.

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