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Litigations or Lawsuit Phuket, Thailand I Reasonable Fees With the International Legal Services Standard

Dealing with legal dispute or lawsuit can be complicated and stressful situation to your life. We make it as easy with the best results as possible in all Courts of Justice in the Thai Legal System and Thai Arbitration Institute. We assist our clients with their legal dispute or lawsuit both in the interest of enforcing and defending a legal right. From the first moment until the final. For instance, clarity in legal status, chances of achieving a favourable outcome, factors, risk, pre-litigation, compromise, trial and execution of Court Judgement and Arbitration.

Our attorney experience and knowledge in both Civil and Commercial litigations and Criminal. For instance, Real Estate and Property Dispute, Company Limited and Business Dispute, Tax Dispute, Family and Inheritance Dispute. Also, Criminal Prosecution and Criminal Defense. We understand, dealing with legal dispute can be complicated, feel free to contact us. One of our attorneys will make you feel comfortable with your lawsuit. 

Civil and Commercial Litigations

  • Real Estate and Property Disputes
  • Company Limited and Business Disputes
  • Tax Disputes
  • Family Disputes
  • Inheritance Disputes  

Criminal (Penal) Litigations

Litigation lawsuit legal dispute suit Phuket Thailand


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