A Wide Ranging of Thailand Legal Services

Comprehensive experienced of Thailand legal services, handling the case in Phuket and the whole Thailand, Civil, Commercial and Criminal, covering the needs of all businesses and individuals. With us, you will get professional, fair, and conscientious legal advice.

Business and Commercial

Whether a business startup or a business expansion, we ensuring that the clients achieve goals in business without legal problems. We provide a wide range of business and commercial legal services. Experienced in a variety of business and commercial, especially real estate, construction and tourism industries. We counsel, validate and translate the business and commerce issues into legal terms and liaising with other professionals. Also, dispute resolutions at all stages, at all levels of Thailand Court legal system and Arbitration.

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Company and Partnership

One stop services, We offer experienced and highly skills covering all you need about company and partnership, formation, prepare the constitution of company or partnership, management and dissolution, includes regulates the company’s internal management and administrative affairs, rights, obligations, conflicts of interest. Also dispute resolutions over shareholders, director(s) and partners.


Contract Validations

We offer professional expertise in Contract validation and management at all types of business and commercial contracts, domestic and international transactions. Our services covering all you need in each contract specialize. We help the clients form the contracts since the first point of negotiation until the final moment of enforcement, we put you in control and get results, ensuring all terms and provisions are legally enforceable.



We offer a broad range of construction legal services, Whether private residential building, commercial or public building. Whether you are a contractor, a subcontractor, an owner or you are a real estate developer. We believe that effective legal services require not only a comprehensive knowledge of the law but also a thorough understanding of the clients intentions and problems.


Criminal Defense and Prosecution

It is true, we are always fight for the Underdog, we provide a full range of criminal litigation for both side defense and prosecution, also join the case with public prosector, if needed. We representative of the clients at all levels of Thailand Court legal system in Phuket and the whole Thailand.


Dispute Resolutions, Litigation and Arbitration

Highly skilled professional, leading litigation teams by 2001 Thailand Top 20 Bar-at-law together with 20 years of experience who work closely with qualified and experienced attorneys teams. A wide ranging of filed including civil, commercial, criminal, employment, intellectual property, international trade, full range of dispute resolutions including alternative dispute resolutions, pre-action and mediation, litigation and arbitration.

We represent both enforcing and defensing side at all level of government agencies and at all levels of Thailand court legal system and Arbitration, handling the cases in Phuket and the whole Thailand.


e-Commerce and Digital

Businesses and commerces are rapidly transforming into internet social networking. e-Commerce becomes increasing globalized, in Thailand certain laws have been enacted regulating e-commerce and effect change in business and commerce. A number of Thailand law to be considered and to be complied with when running business through the internet. If you are in need of e-Commerce and digital legal counsel, schedule consulting with us, we give you conscientious legal advice.



We ensure that your company comply with Thailand employment law, rule and regulation through the employment progress, recruiting processes, employment regulation and complement contract, warning letter, termination of employment together with disputes resolutions over the employment disputes.


Family and Custody

Family conflict creates a vulnerable place and likely has a lot of concerns and questions. We not only professional legal services but also the one on your side with your interests at heart. All family problems we can help. marriage, prenuptial agreement, postnuptial agreement, marital-tort and divorce, for instance. Also same sex agreement to organize about property and relationship. We help your family legal problems go away.


International Trade and Business

International commercial transactions legal services require a comprehensive knowledge of both domestic and international law. “Ake” leader of our litigation teams was 2001 Thailand top 20 Thai Bar-at-law, 20 years of experience and Frederic, French lawyer who is LLM qualified business lawyer with 20 years of experience of Thai Legal Advisor, together with our litigation teams excel in representing various international commercial transaction, contract validations and dispute resolutions, We Can Help.


Intellectual Property Infringement

Our legal services in IP infringement include legal advice, dispute resolutions and litigation over IP infringement (copyright, trademark and patent) both online and offline. We advice, assist and represent from the first moment until the final, investigation, case assessment, conduct the case and trail until awards enforcements. We representative of both enforcing and defensing.



Thailand notarize uses ‘Notarial Services Attorney’ (specialist licensed to a Thai attorney at Law) which is the same services with Notary public or Notar. We are authorized by Lawyer Council of Thailand under the Lawyer Act which trusted by international notarize system.


Personal Injury

Personal injury deals with tort law in Thailand, it is a civil case for wrongful act covers a wide range of cases, can be remedied by awarding damages, other remedies may also be available example of torts includes medical negligence, negligent damage to private property and negligent misstatements causing financial loss. We are representative both plaintiff and defendant.


Real Estate and Property

Whether residential or commercial, we provide a full ranging of real estate legal services from beginning to closing. Experienced in representing of all parties relevant to Phuket real estate industry, whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor or a developer. Moreover, we handling all dispute resolutions and litigation over real estate legal issues at all stages and levels of government agencies, Court and arbitration.

In light of developers whether the project which aims at residential market or aims at investor market and management programs. We provide legal structure to prevent relevant problems between developers and customers such as common areas and management. That for peace and long run in Phuket real estate industry.


Succession and Inheritance

It is important to plan the settlement of your estate in Thailand by making a last will and testament to assure that the legacy goes to the people you love most. Importantly, to realize that in some countries, a succession case may be made by an officer but in Thailand we need a court order. If you are in need of legal services whether last will and testament, estate planning or inheritance tax planning, we can kelp. We also provide disputes resolutions over inheritance both dispute between an inheritor and dispute between inheritor and third party.

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