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If you are looking for a company lawyer Phuket, we offer experienced and highly skills covering all you need about company and partnership, formation, prepare the constitution of company or partnership, management and dissolution, includes regulates the company’s internal management and administrative affairs, rights, obligations, conflicts of interest. Also dispute resolutions over shareholders, director(s) and partners.

  • Company and partnership limited formation.
  • Prepare memorandum of association and articles of association.
  • Arrangement of annual general meeting and extraordinary general meetings.
  • Arrangement of board of shareholder and/or board of director meetings.
  • Management conflicts of interest of the company, shareholders, partners and authority.
  • Management state of health includes balance sheet and profit-and-loss account.
  • Management bonus (stock dividend) or capitalization issue (cash dividend).
  • Management and registration of changing of the fundamental.
  • Thai holding corporation and bookkeeping.
  • Company dissolution and other.
  • Dispute solutions and litigation over shareholder and directorship.

The guide is good for your preparing whether a holding or an operations company. All things considered, the Director(s) isn’t a Real Big Boss, Therefore how to structure for a full control is the most important! Importantly, rights always comes with duties and liability. Don’t worried, we are experienced lawyers, we can help you to be well-organized for the company management.

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To ensure that your business management and administrative are going smooth and be fully protected. Importantly, to have full control of your company. There is no question of law! One shareholder could have a majority voting rights. Moreover we review and analysis company’s constitution (Memorandum of association and Article of Association), to provide you full business protection, sometimes, revising of the company’s constitution is needed.

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Under Thai law, a company is a business association which is formed by 3 natural people or more ‘promoters’. Company has the character of a legal person, distinct from its shareholders. The management is carried out by an authorized director which is under the control of the general meeting of shareholders and company’s constitution. This article gives you essential rules of internal management and administrative affairs the CEOs should know to avoid personal liability.

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