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We offer a full range of contract legal services, contract formation, validations and management at all types of commercial and business contracts, whether domestic or international transactions.

Contract Legal Services Phuket Thailand

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Contract law deals with promises which creates the contract parties rights and obligations. Drawing a contract not only agree on essential terms, damages or specific performance, warranties and assignment, force majeure but also needs to be validity under law and prevent common mistakes. Therefore, contract validations by a lawyer is needed.

Some contracts are easy to draw up yourself or just download on the internet but best is have an expert prepared the contract case by case, to ensure all rights and obligations are enforceable and binding the contract parties.

Moreover, on this day the contract formation process often dealing with electronic data and electronic translations law, especially when the contract negotiations make through social media. We ensuring all terms and conditions, all rights and obligations are comply with all relevant law and legally enforceable under Thai law. Importantly, we prevent the common mistakes when making a contract.

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