We always fight for the Underdog

It is true, we are always fight for the Underdog, We provide full range of criminal litigation both criminal prosecution and criminal defense, we representative of the clients at all levels of Thailand Court system in Phuket and the whole Thailand.

By contrast, some countries, criminal cases may be initiated only by the federal or a state government while in Thailand the criminal cases may be initiated by an injured person (victim) and not subject to the police investigation or the consent/approval of a public prosecutor. So you can filing the case to court directly.

Moreover, where public prosecutor conduct the case for public benefit, the Thai law allows an injured person to join the prosecution with the public prosecutor, Keep thing in mind, most of this action not only to support police investigation and/or public prosecutor the questions of face and evidences support but also ensuring that all investigations and hearing will be well conduced without corruption!

Defense Lawyer and Burden of Proof

Although, in criminal case most of burden of proof is on the prosecutor side for both, the questions of fact and intention of commission of the offense. And the standard of proof if the offense which must be unambiguous without a reasonable doubt. But, when the evidences are unambiguous and not easy to defense, plead guilty may be best for the the outcome. However, if you are an innocent, you should not liable or punished for things you had not done, the innocence must be clear to everyone.

With us, you will get professional, fair, and conscientious legal advice with empathy and integrity.

The guide is a useful guide to trial in all levels of Thailand court legal system, focus on pre-trial and trial, whether enforcing side or defense side, provides basic information and 5 simple steps in which the disputing parties should understand and take into account when preparing for trial. It helps you to be well-organized and to become more confident, fluent and accurate.

Our Services

• Conduct the case both personal offenses and public order offences
• Co-prosecution with public prosecutor both personal offenses and public order offences
• Criminal defense both personal offenses and public order offences.

Be noted, we do NOT provide professionals services to drug AGENT!

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