When having a problem employee, do not fire him or her without consulting an employment lawyer, hire a lawyer immediately can save time and substantial money both legal fees and damages.

In Thailand, certain employment laws have been enacted regulating the areas of age, sex, discrimination race relations, disability, health and safety and employees rights in general. Also, labor unions according to labor. You would need an employment lawyer to ensure that your business comply with the law

Department of labor protection and welfare of Thailand classified employment law into 3 categories below;
• Labor protection laws such as labor protection Act B.E. 2541(1998) includes all Ministerial Regulations, Determining work which non overtime pay and holiday overtime Pay, B.E. 2552 (2009), Prohibiting employers for children employees B.E. 2559 (2016), for instance.
• Safety, Occupational Health and Work Environment Laws such as Safety Occupational Health and Work Environment Laws B.E. 2554 (2011).
• Law on Labor Relations and State Enterprise Relations such as Labor Relations Act B.E. 2518 (1975) The categories excluded procedure law for disputes over employment contract.

Employment Legal Services

• Contract Formation
• Rule and Regulations
• Notice of Dismissing
• Dismissing Employees
• Resolving Disputes over employment
• Wage payment and Severance pay
Litigation and Arbitration (sexual harassment, unfair dismissal, redundancy dismissal etc)

When you are in need of an Employment lawyer, We Can Help.

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