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International commercial transactions legal services require a comprehensive knowledge of both domestic and international law. “Ake” leader of our litigation teams was 2001 Thailand top 20 Thai Bar-at-law, 20 years of experience and Frederic, French lawyer who is LLM qualified business lawyer with 20 years of experience of Thai Legal Advisor, together with our litigation teams excel in representing various international commercial transaction. All international trade and business legal issues, We Can Help.

For disputes resolution, we represent the clients at all levels of the Civil and Commercial Court,  International Trade and Business Court together with Thai Arbitration. We work hard to understand you and your case, to give you the best possible results.

We provide you the General principles applicable according to the “Lex Mercatoria”. This article makes it clear that all grounds for invalidity which illustrate in the various national legal systems do not illustrate within the scope of the Principles relating to the general international trade rules. This is the case of the incapacity of the parties, the lack of power of the parties and immorality or illegality of the contract.

Their exclusion is due both to the inherent complexity of questions of legal status, representation and public order and in the extremely different way which they are dealt with in domestic law. Consequently, issues such as the power of an intermediary to bind his representative or a manager to bind his company, and immoral or unlawful content of contracts will continue to be governed by applicable law.

It is the branch of law that proposes to study standards, international commercial regulations. Globally, there is a huge amount of trade across different geographical areas, often with different practices. It is a question of seeing if there is a harmonization and how this harmonization takes place International trade law is essentially based on contract law. In other words and much more precisely, international trade and business law can be defined as that which studies international contracts.

The guide is a useful guide to trial in all levels of Thailand court legal system, focus on pre-trial and trial, whether enforcing side or defense side, provides basic information and 5 simple steps in which the disputing parties should understand and take into account when preparing for trial. It helps you to be well-organized and to become more confident, fluent and accurate.

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