Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Pre-action discussions without prejudice discussions.
Mediation and conciliation.
Litigation and arbitration.
Alternative dispute resolution.

All litigation lawyers are highly skilled professional in their legal field, representative of both enforcing and defensing over a broad range of legal disputes, at all section, all levels of government agencies and at all level of Thai Court system and Thai Arbitration.

› Civil (real property, personal property, personal injury, marital-tort and succession etc).
› Commercial (business-tort, breach of contract and remedies, construction dispute, partnership, limited company etc.)
Employment, (redundancy dismissal, unfair dismissal etc).
International trade litigation (business-tort, breach of contract and remedies etc).
IP Infringement litigation copyright, trademark and patent. (damages and penalty etc).
Criminal defense and prosecution bot personal offense and public offense.

Leave Court to Us, Litigation Attorneys and Trial Lawyers

Highly skilled professional, leading teams by 2001 Thailand Top 20 Bar-at-law together with 20 years of experience together with experienced attorneys and trial lawyers. We offer wide ranging of litigation including civil, commercial, criminal, employment, intellectual property, international trade, full range of dispute resolutions litigation and arbitration, we represent both side enforcing and defensing at all levels of government agencies and at all levels of Thailand court legal system and Arbitration, handling the cases in Phuket and the whole Thailand.

» Civil and Commercial Employment| Intellectual Property | International Trade | Criminal

We Take Time to Listen

We work hard to understand you and your case, to give you unambiguous view and best possible results. All litigation attorneys and trial lawyers are fluent in English. We are always practicing legal experience to expand the expertise in profession. Importantly, to ensure that the team stay at the top of the profession. All things considered in response to the best legal resolutions to the clients.

  • Reviewing questions of fact, questions of law, advising and assessment the possible results of the case.
  • Preparing advice letters and legal opinion whether first opinion and second legal opinion.
  • Litigation and trial whether prosecution and defense.
  • Negotiations, mediations and compromise.
  • Execution and enforcing the court or arbitration awards.
  • Other litigation proceeding, investigation of business-tort, marital-tort, IP infringement etc.

The trial lawyers not only handling the case in Phuket but also full practice in the whole Thailand.

The guide is a useful guide to trial in all levels of Thailand court legal system, focus on pre-trial and trial, whether enforcing side or defense side, provides basic information and 5 simple steps in which the disputing parties should understand and take into account when preparing for trial. It helps you to be well-organized and to become more confident, fluent and accurate.

Thai Legal System In Brief

Thailand uses civil law system or codified law which established by a state, the law is not based on court decisions or judge make law. When the statute is plain and unambiguous, the court must give effect to the intention of the legislature as expressed or of the spirit of provisions, nevertheless, the lower courts are always follow the hight court decisions when the law is not plain and ambiguous.

Where an aspect of the law is not regulated by legislation, the case will be governed by local custom, provision most nearly applicable and general principles of law, in a sequence.

In case of dispute over international commercial transactions (the contract of sale of goods which is agreed by/between cross-border parties and the cross-abroad transportation of goods) all the relevant domestic laws will be applied to the case. When no provision of the domestic laws the International trade, model law and international trade customs will be applied to the case. However, in case of an arbitration agreement, the governing law and language for the proceedings will be as agreed by the disputes parties.

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