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Thai Company Limited

In order to be one stop services. Firstly, we assist our clients from the first moment. We structuring the structure for the best protection of the clients investment. Secondly we taking care the clients during company life times, tax, bookkeeping and accounting. Finally, when help the clients closing the Company for any reason. Furthermore, our services include resolving company internal disputes. Both peaceful resolutions or litigations, if needed. In conclusion we serve our clients from the first moment until the final.

Question Concerning Control of a Thai Company

When setting up a Thai company. The most concerning question is How to have a full control of the Company. Important to realize that no question of law. One shareholder could have a majority voting rights. In other words, it is legally to have the full control and balance of the capital investment. For more understanding, we recommend to read one of our article How can you have full control of your Company?

Establishing and Structuring Thai Company for All Business Purpose

In the first place, we assist our clients to structure the company. We prepare a perfect shareholders and director(s) structure. As well as company article of associations. By all means, we create company internal rule. It is to protect the clients investment by giving a full control of the company.

We also restructuring the company if needed. Finally, when all requirement documents and information are ready. Without delay setting up a Thai Company in Phuket within one day is possible

All Registration with Department of Business Development

Changing of shareholders or director(s). Increasing share capital. Changing company article of associations. Changing company address, for instance. 

You may find more information about Company Limited on Department of Business Development (DBD) Website.

Company Bookkeeping and Accountant

Importantly, when setting up a Thai company. An accountant/auditor for tax and financial filing is needed. The yearly balance sheet shall be under the responsibility of the director (Section 1206 and1196 of CCC).

By: Ake & Associates

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Company Law and Business Law One Stop Services

For the purpose of protection of the clients business interest. We offer experienced and skilled legal representation. All clients would expect of an international law firm standard. With this intention, we are one stop services for company law and business Law.

We focus on sale, purchase and lease laws. Together with another business laws. Such as loan, mortgage, hire of service or hire of work. As well as agency, construction laws, for instance.

Our services are not only solicitors. But also advocates and litigation to all business disputes. Both higher and lower Courts. Including arbitration, negotiation and mediation. As well as notary services for international business transaction.

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