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Last will and Testament

Some people believe making a last will and testament is not important. However, when having property in Thailand. It is important to plan the settlement of your estate/assets. It is to assure that the legacy goes to the people you love most. Importantly, if there is property involved for foreigners who choose to live in Thailand. However, the legal requirements in every country are different. It is more practical and easier to enforce. If your Last Will is drafted by an experienced lawyer here in Thailand. 

Court Order for Succession Case

Important to realize that in some countries, a succession case may be made by an administration officer. But in Thailand we need a court order. Both the succession with/without last will and testament. It needs some process. You need to know who has a right to request for this order. Who can be an administrator?  Which evidence is needed? Which court to go to? How does the testimony work? For instance, Now, you may see the difference between law in Phuket and home country. Moreover, inheritance rights and inheritance tax  in Phuket may also be different. 

Administration and Partition of an Estate

After the Court appointed you as an administrator of an estate. The administrator of an estate has the right and duty. It is to do all such acts as may be necessary for complying with the express. Or implied order in the will. As well as the general administration or distribution of the estate.

The administrator has responsibilities, duties and rights under Court order. That is from the first day until the partition of the estate is completed. There will be a lot of work on the partition of the estate. It is always concerned with banks and many government agencies, Land Department, Transportation Department, Marine Department, for instance. So, don’t hesitate to ask us for assistance. 

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Succession, Inheritance and Probate Law Services

Full legal services in Succession law. We help our clients prepare their last will and testament and inheritance tax planing, if needed. As well as Court order for succession Case as assists our clients for the administration and partition of an estate. 

By: Ake & Associates

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