See Latest up-to-date Cannabis Law 2022

Since January 2021, many shops in Thailand provide foods and beverages with the mention of cannabis taste. So some people think that Cannabis is legal in Thailand, consumption and harvest. Big mistake, it is majoritary illegal, only some exceptions have been introduced in law and regulation.

The discourse “planting 6 trees per house” requires permission. The Government Gazette Publication of the Announcement of the Narcotics Control Board Prescribing Forms for the Preparation of Accounts Payable Report on the production, import, export, distribution and possession of cannabis in 2021 allow under strict frame the Cannabis circulation.

Such permission is open for both production (planting, concocting medicines for specific patients, extracting, processing, producing recipes), importing, exporting, selling, and possessing accreditation.

In order to grow 6 marijuana plants in each house, they must form a community enterprise contract with the Tambon Health Promoting Hospital. or government agencies.

In requesting for planting, the Cannabis Drug Control Division of the FDA also stated that a sample of cannabis cultivation and utilization plans must be submitted. Letter of consent for the use of land for marijuana cultivation Certificate will be issued if no criminal record (In the case of government agencies) appears after a personal background check by the Criminal Records Division Royal Thai Police.

They must also record all information on receipts and payments of cannabis transactions that are exempt from being classified as a category 5 narcotic.

Don’t think that growing a small pot of Cannabis at home will be considered as a minor thing. A few days ago, in Issan, an old person was retained for 24 hours and fined 10,000 thb to get one of this personal harvest at home. Be sure that sentence can be worse. If you have any question please feel free to contact us.