Lese-Majesty crime is a serious offence in Thailand, even if wind of more “liberty” or “democracy” appears everywhere on the globe. The World famous Lazada company is in the eye of the cyclone since the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution has lodged a complaint with the ministry, calling for legal action against all involved in the Lazada campaign.

The video advertising features online Thai influencers, who one is seated in a wheelchair and dressed in traditional Thai costume.

The ad immediately sent pro-monarchy citizens into a tizzy, with royalists jumping to the questionable conclusion that it was mocking Princess Chulabhorn, who uses a wheelchair.

The government including The Thai PM has joined the hysteria surrounding a now-deleted from online shopping platform

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society have been instructed to have a grand total of 42 URLs removed. These include links to online giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, who will be asked to block access to the content in question. The ministry is threatening court action if they don’t cooperate.

This event is the best example that bigger or famous you are, company or individual person, in Thailand, it is better not to be involved in Lese-Majesty story. The Section 107 to 112 of the Criminal code protects the Royal Family of any violation.

But because Thailand is even if a Monarchy, a State of Right, at the end, it will be up to a court to decide Lazada’s future in Thailand.