Yellow Book Definition

The yellow book is one type of household registration book or the so-called “Tabien Baan”. It’s issued by the district office or the local municipality and shows those who live in and have domicile in the house or condominium.

Typically, there are two types of household registration books: (i) the Blue Book for Thai nationals only and (ii) the Yellow Book for foreigners who live in Thailand. However, the people who are registered as living in the household registration book may not have ownership of the house. To put it another way, it isn’t an ownership document; it’s a civil registration for population data, which helps the state manage many practices, e.g., healthy policy, education, welfare, etc.

Two kinds of titles are attached to the registration in the yellow book. The first is the main resident, who has duties according to the Civil Registration Act B.E. 2534. For example, to update the registered people on the book when their statute changes, such as death or moving, the others are the simple, registered foreigners who don’t have the burden of duties.

How Foreigners Can Have One?

Foreigners don’t usually get their names listed in the yellow book but can be issued one under the following conditions:

Firstly, having a house freehold, condominium freehold, or leasehold that is registered at the Land Department. Secondly, having a Thai spouse by showing a marriage certificate (issuance of the yellow book according to the blue book of the spouse). Thirdly, having a non-immigrant visa or a longer visa.

For all previous conditions, it is compulsory to have no criminal record (some district offices require the applicant to go to the Office of Police Forensic Science for checking a criminal record).

What Are the Advantages of Having It?

Applying for the Yellow Book is more useful for foreigners than having only their names listed in the book. Below are some advantages for a particular benefit:

First, it saves you time and money. Whenever you want to deal with a government office or a private organisation, e.g., getting public utilities such as electricity supply, telephone landline, satellite TV, cellular contracts, buying vehicles, etc., you are required to contact the Immigration Office to get a Residence Certificate every time. Showing the yellow book replaces this procedure.

To open a bank account at a commercial bank, you just show that you have the Yellow Book, which is easier than showing other proof. Nowadays, it tends to be complex to open a bank account in Thailand. It isn’t only according to the policy of the Bank of Thailand but also the policy of each commercial bank.

Emotional value—the sense that you are receiving greater acceptance in Thai society—should not be underestimated.

It is a great advantage to reduce the special business tax when you resell a house or condominium. In order to qualify for this tax savings, you just have to own the property for 1 year; you don’t need to wait for 5 years. Then you can reduce the special business tax payment from 3.3% based on the purchase price or assessed value, whichever is greater, to 0.5% on the same basis.

In conclusion, having the Yellow Book isn’t only an advantage for foreigners who live in Thailand but also a benefit for the direction of state management in the government. If you wish to have one, we will provide you with an assistant to get a Yellow Book as well as a Pink ID Card. Our professional and experienced team will ensure that you get it in a timely manner. If you are in need of a real estate lawyer or for more information, feel free to contact us at any time.