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Whether you’re the CEO of a global corporation, local business, private individual, or you’re hiring a lawyer for the first time. Welcome to the International law office Phuket Thailand, Ake & Associates, our law firm satisfying the clients worldwide for a long-time. 

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Who We Are

Ake & Associates law office Phuket founded by Ake, 2001 Thailand Top 20 Bar-at-law. In 2015 Frederic, French lawyer who qualified master in Business law (Titulaire du C.A.P.A) became partner and director, and associate with Thai attorneys, in light of Thai and Western lawyers team which closely work together, our law firm has a better understanding of legal issues and the best adequate legal solutions to all international clients.

  • Law office in Phuket Law firm in Phuket www.golawphuket.com
  • Law office in Phuket Law firm in Phuket www.golawphuket.com
  • www.golawphuket.com Law office in Phuket
  • Law office in Phuket Law firm in Phuket www.golawphuket.com
  • Law office in Phuket Law firm in Phuket www.golawphuket.com
  • Law office in Phuket Law firm in Phuket www.golawphuket.com


Whether you are starting a business or seeking business expansion, our law firm satisfying the clients in various businesses and commercials both local and global industries including Government Saving Bank of Thailand for a long-time. We help you handling all legal issues, counsel, validate and translate your business issues into legal terms and liaising with other professionals.

Real Estate

Our law firm experienced makes all real estate transactions secure and smooth. Whether residential or commercial, we provide a full ranging of real estate legal services from the beginning to closing, also real estate legal structuring for the developers. We are an experienced law office Phuket in representing of all parties relevant to Phuket real estate industry, whether you are a buyer, a seller, an investor or a developer. 

Estate Planning

It is important to plan the settlement of your estate in Thailand by making a last will and testament to assure that the legacy goes to the people you love most. Importantly, to realize that in some countries, a succession case may be made by an officer but in Thailand we need a court order. If you are in need of a lawyer whether estate planning or inheritance tax planning, we can kelp. We also provide disputes resolutions over inheritance problems.


Highly skilled in litigation and trial, handling the cases in Phuket and the whole Thailand, leading the attorneys teams, Ake was by 2001 Thailand in Top 20 Bar-at-law plus 20 years of experience together with qualified and experienced attorneys teams. A wide ranging of filed covering the needs of all businesses and private individuals. ADR, pre-action, mediation, litigation and arbitration. 

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Akenarin Thongplod
Akenarin ThongplodFounder
Thai barrister-at-law
Attorney at-law
Notaries services attorney

A wide range of fields, professional, prompt and cost-effective

We provide a broad range of Law Office Phuket services over a variety of international clients, businesses and individuals, civil, commercial and criminal. covering the needs of all clients, professional, prompt, cost-effective services with empathy and integrity.


For instance, business formation and expansions, company and partnership formation and management, e-Commerce, real estate developments, contract negotiations, formation and validations, employment documentation and dispute resolutions, international trade dispute resolutions, intellectual property infringement litigation (copyright, trademark and patent) etc. We are the law firm Phuket you can trust.


For instance, property due diligence, contracts, trust, closing and tenancy agreements. Last will and testament, estate planing, inheritance tax planing and succession case. Family legal issues, marriage, prenuptial – postnuptial agreement, same sex agreement, memorandum of understanding of life partners, divorce and custody. Penal prosecutions and defense, personal injury etc. We are the law firm Phuket you can trust.



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