Real Estate Registration System in Thailand

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In Thailand, the protection of real estate investment whether, freehold, leasehold or 3 years or more rentals subject to the registration system which the parties must register, pay taxes and fees of the transaction to the authorities. However, before buying a real estate whether in Phuket or somewhere else in Thailand, there will be some legal matter and fact in relevance you should know. We prepared the easy guides for your information, just click the icon below. If you need more information, you should find the answers at the related articles below, or just feel free to contact us.

Easy Guide to buy Land/House or Condo in Phuket



A Seller, Buyer, Broker, Developer or an Investor

We are experienced in real estate, we assist, advice and represent all transactions and registrations relevant to real estate, ensuring your investments will be smoothed and secured.


Our real estate lawyers advice, assist and represent the developers and the investors from the first moment, planning, due diligence, subdividing land parcels, forming package of agreements such as reservation agreement, maintenance agreement, sell and purchase agreement etc. Moreover we deal with all parties relevant to the development at all levels of government agencies, brokers, constructor also another professional.

Above all, to make your brand be worth in the long run and advantages of business expansions in Phuket Real Estate Industry, importantly is to keep long relation with the customers, our real estate lawyers structuring the rules and regulations in relevance to ensure  and prevent all possible further dispute over maintenance and common area issues.

Dispute Resolutions Over Real Estate Disputes

Whether private disputes or public legal issues, our litigation team representative of our clients at all levels of local or government agencies and at all levels of Thai Court system.

• Dispute over ownership rights or possession right (Freehold and Leasehold)
• Dispute over Tenancy agreement
• Dispute between owners and developers
• Dispute over management contract and community regulation both villa and condominium
• Dispute over all real rights, easements, servitude, superficies, usufruct  etc.

When you’re in need of a real estate lawyer Phuket, We Can Help.

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