litigation lawyer, attorney, trial lawyer, advocate lawyer, phuketLITIGATION IN PHUKET

Our litigation and advocacy teams always practice their knowledge and experience, ensuring we stay at the top of the profession. We represent the clients in both lower and higher courts of law and Arbitration, handling the cases in Phuket and the whole of Thailand. When it is time to fight we filing to win.


1. Civil disputes e.g. personal injury, divorce, marital-tort and succession.
2. Commercial disputes e.g. claims for breach of contract such as damaged goods or services, and or recovery of debts.
3. Employment e.g. a claim for wrongful dismissal.
4. International trade litigation e.g. claim for breach of contract of international trading.
5. IP Infringement copyright, trademark and patent.
6. Criminal defense and prosecution.


Our litigation and advocacy teams work hard to understand you and your case. That is to give you an unambiguous view and the best possible results. Our litigation and trial lawyers are not only fluent in English but are also always practicing their knowledge and legal experience to expand their expertise in their profession. All things considered, in response to the best results.

  • Reviewing questions of fact and questions of law, advising, and assessing the possible results of the case.
  • Preparing advice letters and legal opinions, whether first opinions or second opinions.
  • Litigation and trial, whether prosecution or defense.
  • Negotiations, mediations, and compromise.
  • Execution and enforcing the court and arbitration awards.
  • Other litigation proceeding: investigation of business tort, marital tort, IP infringement, etc.


This pre-litigation and advocacy guide is not only useful for Phuket court trials but also for trials in all courts in Thailand. Whether on the enforcement side or the defending side. It provides basic information through five simple steps, which the disputing parties should have well understood before a lawsuit is filed.

This guide is also applicable to all civil, commercial, and criminal cases. And also an arbitration trial. Even though there are a number of differences between those trials, they do not have a real effect on the outcome. That is because the fundamental principles of those trials are mostly the same: “give unambiguous proof without a doubt to everyone”. Read more