Join our professional teams

Our firm is looking for recruits, qualified candidates professionals in every legal field who;

  • Have a degree in Thai or International law.

  • Positive attitude.

  • Highly skilled professionals, advisors, and litigation.

  • Fluent in English or Bilingual.

We are also looking for a Paralegal who;

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree.

  • Positive attitude.

  • Fluent in English or Bilingual.

Contact us today and let’s make a future together.

We work hard with the clients and put our experience to work for the clients. Our firm promotes a broad range of local and international business law, real estate, litigation, and arbitration laws. We provide professional services to global corporations, local companies, and personal individuals.

With 22 years of success, at our law firm, all attorneys and lawyers always practice their knowledge and experience, ensuring we are at the top of the profession and our clients get the best results.

We understand our team needs more than a salary and fulfilling work to be their best. We see the value in our people as individuals and in the work they deliver. We care.

We offer professional growth and leadership opportunities to our team members to expand their expertise to new practice areas and jurisdictions

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