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Nowadays, the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data go over an internet network. A number of laws are in effect for e-commerce. such as advertising, an e-commerce license, notice and takedown, safe harbor, VAT on non-resident electronic service providers, and a specialized business license. If needed, Consultation with a specialist is needed.

Services we can provide

Our e-commerce lawyers ensure that your business complies with all relevant legal basics related to e-commerce legal basic at least the following rules and regulations.

  1. Advertising
  2. Automatic Exchange of Info (AEOI)
  3. Electronic Data and E-Signature
  4. E-Commerce Business Registration
  5. Notice and Takedown, and Safe Harbor
  6. Specialized Business License for e-Commerce
  7. VAT on Non-Resident Electronic Service Providers

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E-Commerce involves a number of laws, including intellectual property law. So e-commerce businesses should also focus on intellectual property and legal matters. In Thailand, the latest amendment to Copyright Act B.E. 2565 (2022), which was published in the Government Gazette on February 24, 2022, became effective on August 23, 2022. This is the core action of the Thai government to be in line with the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty (WIPO), of which Thailand is presently an official member. Our e-commerce lawyers are here for help.

BOI Promotion to digital industry

Recent BOI measures to enhance competitiveness of Thailand’s advanced industries. BOI offer 50% corporate income tax exemption for 3 years to Digital industry below.

  • Computer Hardware and Semi Superconductors;
  • Smart Devices, IoT, and Robotics;
  • Big Data and AI;
  • Intelligent Platforms and Auto Systems
  • Immersive Content;
  • Satellite and Broadcast;
  • Future Ultra High Broadband;
  • Digital Tech Startups;

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