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International Law office of Ake & Associates, a broad range of Thailand legal services. Experienced and highly skilled professional in business, commercial, company, contract, employment, intellectual property, international trade, real property, family, succession, tort and criminal, personalized by Thai attorney-at-law and qualified French lawyer, a member of Thailand lawyer council, Thai and International Bar-at-law association.

We satisfying the worldwide clients of various business and commercial, domestic and international include Government Saving Bank of Thailand (GSB) and private individuals. Importantly, we volunteer to low-income families and non-profit organizations.


The firm was founded in 2010 by Akenarin ‘Ake’ who is 2001 Thailand Top 20 Thai Barrister at law, he decided to form ‘Ake & Associates’ in Phuket in which consist of qualification and experience Thai and Western lawyers. A wide range of Thai and international clients, also the Thai Government Saving Bank.

Frederic, a French lawyer who is qualified master in Business law (Titulaire du C.A.P.A), since 2015 became partner and associate, allowing to widen the panel of clients both in Thailand and Europe.

Our lawyers are always friendly work close with and help each other. Above all, in light of Thai and Western lawyers team which closely work together, our legal firm has a better understanding of the legal issues and the best adequate legal solutions to all international clients.


Commitment to give our clients the best solution to their legal problems, we’re not just lawyers, we are advocates for justice. Providing professional, prompt and cost-effective service with empathy and integrity. We regular share our experienced to people though the article on the insight page together with volunteering to low-income families and non-profit organizations. We aren’t aim at the best attorneys in town, we are aim at the top of the profession.


Ake and Frederic are leaders of the lawyer teams. Importantly, we are always practicing our knowledge and experience. All things considered in response to the best legal solution to our clients. Our Thai lawyers and notarial not only fluent in English but also qualified and authorized to serve all clients experienced and skilled professional, work hard with empathy and integrity, ensuring that we are at the top of the profession.

Practice areas

We include personalized to the client’s exact requirement of Thai legal solution. We focus on business and commercial (e-Commerce and digital, construction, real estate and tourism industries), international trade, intellectual property, family, succession and criminal. We advice, assists and representative of the clients on litigation of all levels of government agencies, court and arbitration.

Additionally, we focus on the rights and duties of the legal matter of everyday life, technology, social movement, liberty and democracy, ensuring that we are up-to-date legal knowledge.


We not only regular share our experience through the articles but also volunteer in law. Ake has been working volunteer law since becoming a member of Thai barrister in 2001. Our partners, associates attorney and assistants engage in regular volunteer to help the world, also volunteer our time to give legal advice to low-income families who are in need of legal advice and cannot eligible for legal aid, and cannot afford to pay, and non-profit organizations.

Partners and Associates

Akenarin Thongplod, Founder
Akenarin Thongplod, Founder

2001 Top 20 Thai Bar-at-law.

2001 -2006 Volunteers Criminal Defense for people who were not eligible for legal aid, and cannot afford to pay for lawyer,  legal field in Bangkok jurisdiction and nearby e.g. Nonthaburi, Phatumthani, Samutprakran, Samutshakorn, Ayudadha, Khachanaburi etc.

2007-2008 Legal Consultant for real estate development Ko Pha Ngan, dealing and litigating with various local administrative legal matter.

2009-1010 Legal Consultant and Litigation at International Law office Patong Beach Phuket Thailand (ILO-PHUKET).

2010-2014 Litigation lawyer, Government Saving Bank of Thailand (GSB).

2010 to present founded International law office of Ake & Associates, provide professional services to domestic and global commercial and private individual residential in Phuket, Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Bangkok.

Frédéric Rétif
Frédéric Rétif Senior Partner
LL. M Titulaire du C.A.P.A.
French Lawyer
Thai Legal Advisor
Nuansnit Chuntawong
Nuansnit ChuntawongSenior Partner
Attorney at Law
Notarial Services Attorney
Thanathorn Choodoung
Thanathorn ChoodoungAssociate
Attorney at Law
Onwara Anakthumpinit
Onwara AnakthumpinitAssociate
Attorney at Law
Sujitra Chantawong
Sujitra ChantawongAssociate
Attorney at Law
Notarial Services Attorney


Prayoon MalaratArbitrator
Arbitration Law Consultant
Sompong InsavietAdministrative Advisor
Administrative Law Consultant
Saree SriphetpoolFinancial Law Advisor
Financial Law Consultant

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