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We help clients who have been injured through an accident or negligence. Claims can be filed against people, companies or government entities.

Personal injury in Thailand is covered by tort law. A civil case for wrongful acts covers a wide range of cases that can be remedied by awarding damages; other remedies may also be available. Examples of torts include medical negligence, negligent damage to private property, and negligent misstatements causing financial loss.

The primary aims of tort law are to provide relief for the harm suffered and deter other potential tortfeasors from committing the same harm. In Thailand, the injured person may sue for both an injunction to stop the tortious conduct and monetary damages.

In principle, a person who creates a tort is bound to pay compensation to the injured person. However, sometimes a person has liability for another person’s actions. For example, an employer is jointly liable with the employee by virtue of his employment; if the damage is caused by an animal, the owner or the person who undertakes the animal is bound to compensate the injured person (Sections 425, 433 of the CCC), etc. Read more

You don’t have to fight alone; our personal injury lawyers are here to help.

Pre-litigation guide for Phuket court

This pre-litigation guide is not only useful for Phuket court trials but also for trials in all courts in Thailand. Whether on the enforcement side or the defending side. It provides basic information through five simple steps, which the disputing parties should have well understood before a lawsuit is filed.

This guide is also applicable to all civil, commercial, and criminal cases. And also an arbitration trial. Even though there are a number of differences between those trials, they do not have a real effect on the outcome. That is because the fundamental principles of those trials are mostly the same: “Give unambiguous proof without a doubt to everyone”. Read more

Personal injury lawyer in Phuket

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