translation, translator, legalization, legalize, PhuketTranslation and legalization services we can provide

We translate all documents from Thai into English and English into Thai, whether or not they are legal documentation. Services include legalization and authentication by a certified translator and notarial services attorney. All government agencies and leading worldwide corporations accept our translation.

Documents we can translate and legalize

Documents that have been issued by Thai or Foreign Authorities Such as Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, Thai identity cards, Passport, Driving licenses, certificates of name/surname change, company affidavits, share certificates, court orders, and Court judgments.

Documents that a private individual or business organization, or non-profit organization, such as a business contract, last will & testament, memorandum of understanding, article of association of the company, article of association of foundation, etc., have issued.

Service Fees


500THB per page for both Thai-to-English and English-to-Thai. Services include certifying the translation but do not include notarial services attorney fee of 1,500THB per one signature of the notary. The fee does not include postal and delivery of the original document which will be charged the actual costs.


For general translation, the translator fee is 1,500THB per hour, For court procedures such as court examinations and court hearings, the translation fee is 3,000THB per hour.

How to use our services?

Just send documents to for a quotation; for translator services, you need to book the translator at least 48 hours before the date.

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