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Divorce by Mutual Consent in Thailand

Thailand law Divorce. In Thailand Phuket, under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand (CCC), divorce may be made by mutual consent or by grounds for divorce which includes the fault or no-fault . This article gives you essential information about divorce by mutual consent. Be noted that in case of parner (living together [...]

By |2022-06-01T11:24:07+07:00March 9, 2022|Civil law, Family and custody law|

Thailand law – Child’s Property Management

Child's property management is one of the most frequently asked questions. This article we’re going to give you basic information about this matter. It is good for a parent to understand this matter of law when they’re thinking about giving property to their child. Minor and Parental Power First, the minor means a person [...]

By |2022-05-26T09:12:06+07:00February 16, 2022|Civil law, Family and custody law|

Spouse Maintenance in Thailand Family Law

Princess Haya: The princess, the sheikh and the £550m divorce settlement, It's described as the biggest divorce case in British legal history - involving the billionaire ruler of Dubai and his estranged wife, reported by the BBC on 21 December 2021. Of course, the law differs from country to country. It is interesting to [...]

By |2022-05-17T17:18:57+07:00December 22, 2021|Civil law, Family and custody law|

Guide to Marriage in Phuket, Thailand

Marriage in Phuket, Thailand: Thai and foreigner or both future foreigners spouses, you can get married in Phuket, Thailand. We are going to provide you with some Legal advice to follow rules and regulations to get married Legally in Phuket, Thailand: Eligibility Requirements for Marriage The Book V Title I of Civil and commercial [...]

By |2022-05-17T17:09:59+07:00September 15, 2021|Civil law, Family and custody law|

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement in Thailand

One of the classic dispute stories between spouses is ‘Property Dispute’. In order to avoid this kind of dispute, if you are in Phuket or somewhere else in Thailand. It is good to understand how Thai law works about Prenuptial Agreement (Ante-Nuptial Agreement) and Postnuptial Agreement. First, in this article ‘spouse’ means a lawful [...]

By |2022-05-17T17:07:30+07:00May 26, 2021|Civil law, Family and custody law|
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